Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin


From 1915 to 1950, Charles Spencer Chaplin was the most famous figure in the world, a man who rose from abject poverty to become the owner of a major Hollywood studio. It was an achievement all his own; all he had to offer was his genius. Chaplin's Tramp needed no words. He was lascivious, heroic, loving, gentle, violent, cunning, and stupid. But he was always lovable, and in an age that suffered two World Wars and the enslavement of entire nations, Chaplin's Tramp could be relied upon to keep the world laughing.

Until his fourth marriage, Chaplin's personal life teetered on disaster. More than once, he came within a moustache-width of falling foul of the law. For twenty years he was in virtual exile from the country he loved. But, like the Tramp, Chaplin always managed to pick himself up, and head towards the sun.

He is considered one of the greatest filmmakers in the history of cinema.

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Cover Type: Hardback, Format: 265x290 mm, Extent: 176 pp, Illustrations: 200 approx, Paper: 150gsm

Publication Date: August 2010

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