A Photographic History


The images in Click! are representative of that which makes the magic of photography so compelling: Margaret Bourke-White with her camera at the top of the Chrysler Building; a carpet of impossibly-hued butterflies ready to leap off the page; a climber traversing a hall of ice; the hand of Lenin pointing skyward; Jersey Joe Walcott’s face distorted and contorted.

Much of the power of this book lies in the juxtaposition of images, some humorous, some thought-provoking: Groucho Marx and Bardot smoking cigars; an optimistic Chamberlain and a ranting Hitler. Other pairings celebrate the echoes of form in nature: a pair of swan’s necks gently intertwining opposite a soft, twisting plume of smoke.

Book Details

Cover Type: Hardback, Format: 290x290 mm, Extent: 634 pp

Publication Date: May 2009

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