The Sixties

The Sixties


The 1960s was a defining period in the 20th century. It marked the moment when Western countries turned from being linked to the past to embracing the future. The young rejected the morals and models of their elders and decided to do things their way, all to the backdrop of new music, political revolution, conflict in Asia and the Cold War.

Cuba, Prague, Vietnam, Paris – these were battlegrounds between communism and capitalism, America and Russia, the left and the right, the establishment and the revolutionaries. All aspects of this remarkable decade are covered – Politics, Conflict, Sport, Music, People, Style – as well as all the key players of the time – Lennon, McCartney, Kennedy, Warhol, Armstrong, Dylan, Quant, King, Elvis, Mao.

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Cover Type: Hardback, Format: 290x290 mm, Extent: 512 pp

Publication Date: April 2012

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